I believe that the next wave of God involves the strategic positioning of believers as leaders within key arenas of social influence including government, business, education, arts, media, sports and more. Many believers will experience a sudden promotion at work while others will witness a steady rise in their own visibility and credibility. My assignment is to prepare believers for the coming promotion and to that end we have developed this training experience.

There are specific keys to building your unique Kingdom, empire or legacy and these keys cut across all industry sectors and types. Any one of them has the potential to catapult your career to new heights and levels of productivity but together they guarantee uncommon success and favour.

Key 1 – Alignment with your assignment: There are two ways to reach the top of your chosen field i.e. hard work or heaven’s help! If you want heaven’s help then you must align your ambition with your predestined assignment. God is only obligated to back His own plan. Discovering God’s plan for your professional life and aligning your ambitions with it will release heaven’s help on your career path. This workshop will drive out any doubt about your predestined assignment so that you leave with absolute clarity on how your career path works with it.

Key 2 – Joining the trajectory of your industry: Your career goal is in fact a moving target so that the top will not be there when you arrive. To reach your target, you must get ahead of the curve by developing yourself for your industries future and not for it’s past. We will deliver a formula and strategy for getting ahead of your industries curve.

Key 3 – Harness the power of your signature: Your signature is a metaphor and type of your personal brand. The new economy works for people who have developed a persuasive personal brand and it works against those who haven’t. Your personal brand is the meaning of your name to your industry. God said to Abraham, ‘I will make YOUR name great…’

Key 4 – Leverage speed as your main advantage: It is no longer good enough to get things done. You now have to get them done faster than your competition. We are now in the age of speed in which the tools for rapid results are readily available and there are now no more excuses for missing deadlines. We will teach how to experience ‘hyper-productivity’ which is a state in which you get twice as much done in half the time.