Welcome to ‘Call to the Marketplace’. This movement, with its numerous training days and events, is designed for ambitious believers who have big career goals and, as the title suggests, we are going beyond our careers to embrace the possibility that we are in fact called and chosen to represent Christ himself within a specific field of industry.

My prayer is that you leave this experience inspired, informed and equipped to manifest greatness in your chosen field. We believe that your position and presence in the marketplace is neither coincidental nor accidental. Instead we believe that you have been strategically positioned by God to be THE CENTRE OF INFLUENCE within A CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE.

It is therefore critical that you win and that you win big! The good news is that you are not alone and that God has promised to go with you. He has further provided a road map and role models for supernatural success in the workplace through the characters and narratives of the Scriptures.

In this event, we look beneath the surface to discover the secrets, the strategies and the systems that took the most unlikely candidates from the bottom to the top in record time. Of course none of this information works without intention and you have demonstrated intentionality by simply registering for this event. May God smile on your efforts and cause you to prosper in every way.

Bishop Wayne Malcolm